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A Car Accident Attorney May Help a Client Get Additional Damages

Car accident victims have a lot of expenses. They need their cars fixed, their medical bills paid and to be compensated for time they can’t go to work. Depending on the extent of their injuries and whether a victim needs to care for an injured child as well, it could be quite a while before they are able to return to their normal activities. When this happens, a victim might be eligible for pain and suffering as well. A car accident attorney could help a person who was hurt in a car crash get the money they need to survive until they have recovered.


Accident victims might be eligible to be reimbursed for expenses related to the accident. This includes repairs as well as current and future medical expenses. Ideally, the responsible party’s insurance company will offer a settlement to cover these costs. In most cases though, insurance companies offer low-ball settlement could leave someone who was serious injured and has ongoing medical bills to pay for their own expenses. When the insurance company won’t give a victim what they need, an attorney may be able to help.

Pain and Suffering

Although repair costs and medical bills are easy to monetize, pain and suffering is more difficult. These types of damages compensate accident victims for physical and mental pain they experience as a result of being in an accident. There are no bills associated with pain and suffering so it can be difficult to get this type of compensation. Insurance companies typically don’t offer it to victims. People who can benefit from additional compensation may get the funds by hiring an attorney who has experience helping clients get it.

Accident victims who were injured in crashes should never try to settle their own claims. Insurance companies rarely offer enough compensation to cover car repairs and medical bills. People who need pain and suffering damages should consult an attorney to learn about their rights and get help positioning their claims so they have an opportunity to get additional money to help them recover mentally as well as physically. Settling a claim with the help of an attorney might take longer but it is often worth the wait.